Jaguars buying new uniforms for four local schools ditching Confederate names

The Jacksonville Jaguars are going to purchase new uniforms for all of the sports teams at four local middle and high schools that are ditching Confederate names.

Via Action News Jax, the Duval County Public school board voted Wednesday night to rename six schools in the Jacksonville area that had Confederate-inspired names. While two of the schools were elementary level without affiliated sports teams, three middle schools and one high school will be changing their names and in need of new uniforms to reflect the switch. The Jaguars are helping cover those costs for the schools.

“The Jacksonville Jaguars will provide new home uniforms for all boys and girls athletic teams at three local middle schools and one local high school whose names were changed by the Duval County School Board,” the team said in a statement. “The Jaguars are committed to supporting after-school athletics and are honored to provide new uniforms for students to wear proudly this fall and beyond.”

The uniforms will cover boys and girls uniforms in all sports.